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Mel grit her teeth for a moment as Cameron brought herself upright. Cameron wasn't heavy, and they still had three feet between them to balance some of the weight - this wasn't like the times where Logan had decided the best way to greet her when she returned home from middle school was leaping onto her, never mind that he was in some kid phase that involved excessive hugging - but she wasn't exactly light as a feather, either.

"It's fine. I've got you," Mel said, with as much pep as she could muster. "We'll get you some ice, and... I'm not just gonna leave you here, anyway."

If this had been the science trip they'd expected, she'd have gone to find a teacher, but that was no longer an option. She forced the image of Mr. Graham's bloodied body out of her mind as soon as it reappeared. This was no time to go back to thinking about abstractions and intentions, to get angry all over again. She had to be reliable.

Cameron was, on some real physical level, depending on her now, and that scared her more than she cared to admit.

Mel moved both of them towards the door, determined to at least try to find something. Find people. Find help for Cameron's leg. Find the direction she was looking for.

"Tell me when you need to rest, okay?"

She could do this.

((Melanie Beckett and Cameron Herrig continued in Call Me Maybe))
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