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Can you hear me?
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Emma slowly opened her eyes.


Amanda. Amanda Tan was a flighty girl, but not a bad one. She could remember being on committees with her. Amanda was a good person, right? Right. She was pretty hardworking and trustworthy. Maybe she was still like that. She said she wasn’t going to shoot, though. For a second, Emma wasn’t sure whether or not to trust her. But she came closer into view, and Emma saw that she had a rifle of some kind. Again, she said she wasn’t going to shoot it, but Emma’s heart still skipped a beat when she noticed it.

As she lowered her arms, she realized she had been holding in her breath. A gasp of air escaped her lips.

“Amanda. It’s… good to see you. Really.”

Emma smiled, even if she was still nervous. Hopefully Amanda didn’t have killing on her mind. She didn’t like the idea of getting murdered, of course. But she also didn’t like the idea of someone she knew turning out to be a murderer.

“Hey… did you see anyone, um, else? I… kind of heard sobbing.”

The nausea still floated around her brain. Emma’s hand reached up underneath her glasses to massage her eyes. She heard somewhere that rubbing your eyes wasn’t a good idea, but it was still a hard habit to break.

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