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Danny had nothing cute to say. He didn't even have a little side thought about how apparently Irene thought that was his 'thing.'

His mind felt like it was being hit by a train. This train that was barrelling towards him while he was tied to the tracks. Probably with that Danya guy twirling the evil moustache he probably had nearby. Only there would be no heroic guy on a horse to ride in and save the damsel—which, in this scenario, was apparently him—because… well, fuck, why would there be? And he'd never really liked guns all that much—swords were cooler and made him less nervous, particularly in the hands of the sort of people who owned shotguns—but now he saw guns in the hands of people who might choose to kill him at any moment. He might encounter guns in the hands of ex-girlfriends who figured if they should kill anyone, it might as well be the guy who broke up with them via text message.

Danny lowered his hands from his collar—because damn was it not coming off—and reached down to unzip his own bag to get the gun that was inside. He wasn't going to shoot Irene or Jeremy. He wasn't. He was, like, 70% sure he wasn't going to do that. But… but if everyone else had guns, he wanted a gun, too. That was fair, wasn't it?

He didn't have a gun. He didn't even have a sword. Instead, he pulled out a portable CD player.

This… was not fair at all.

Danny looked at the portable CD player, clunky despite said portability—oh, look, it came with batteries, that was nice of them—before holding it out with the air of a tired but dedicated jester juggling for the executioner while they tried to tie a rope around his neck. A grin—not a happy one, instead looking like his face had a sudden onset of rigor mortis—appeared.

“Well.” His voice was quiet, strained but he tried to put as much cheer into it as possible. “Clearly, I have this game won. Every children's show knows the power of music and love and stuff is stronger than guns. Especially if this is a 4kids dub.”

Probably not cute, but it's all he had for now. And maybe if he tried cute or some cheap store-brand attempt at it, then Irene would be less likely to shoot him.
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