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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben figured this moment wasn’t gonna be such a good looker for whoever planted themselves on their ass to watch this shit. Opening with a less than impressive one-liner and then mumbling indistinctly with asscrack to the camera. History probably wasn’t going to be kind on the optics of the Jerry Fury experience prologue. Ben heard the sickos into this shit were a tough crowd.

“Point.” Rare he conceded anything when this was his conversational partner. “Don’t ask me if they’re any good or not, I’m not fucking Jamie Oliver or whatever it is moms watch at two in the-...”

Okay, time out.

Jerry had been working on something in the hand. Yeah, Ben had seen that. He hadn’t exactly registered it as a threat though. Not until the blade had suddenly sprouted from the fist. That old codger of a heartbeat had briefly decided to take a breather on that one. Shit. And the knife waving wasn’t doing any wonders for getting the Fields cardio back on duty. Ben kept the burst of nervous surprise neatly tucked into his chest though. It lived there and it died there. His face remained set, and he needed maybe a second to mobilize his response:

“Congratulations. Just what you need to brandish a knife at whichever inevitable class killer is going to end up with the military grade firepower. You know, before they mow you down.” Ben shrugged. Just calling it as he saw it. Pretty graphically saw it, but he quickly got that morbid mental image the fuck out of there.

“Packing a manual on how to field that blade too?” So much for not remembering details from the show. “I was looking for one on mine but I guess they thought the model of ziploc was pretty user friendly.” Ben hazarded a step forward. Nice and brisk, with enough heel left in case he needed to move that foot back from whence it came. Ben didn’t want to be the guy with paranoia in his playbook. But the edge of a knife was a convincing counterargument. “So what’s the call, Fury? You gonna give the terrorists a reason to say your name?”

Again. So much for not remembering details from the show. Ben would have to take a moment to ask himself what the fuck was wrong with himself. Later.
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