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“Ah,” Jennifer said. “I know the feeling.”

Writer’s block: the bane of anyone with an artistic bent. She knew it well. The feeling of staring at a computer screen, notepad, or piece of paper, trying to think of just that right detail. Didn’t matter what exactly you were doing, but it still crept up like some wild tiger.

Jennifer smiled for a brief second. That feeling was one of solidarity. Something she could empathize with, even with the smell. Speaking of which, he just noticed her reaction.


She didn’t come off as impolite, did she? Jennifer was a blunt person, but the smells of people was right up there with talking to someone about their body weight. It could be well-meaning, but it wasn’t nice to go around telling people they’re fat or that they smell bad. Sure, she still wondered why he didn’t take care of the smell, but again, that’s something she felt was inappropriate to bring up.

But Bart noticed her reaction, so it was a good idea to tackle that elephant in the living room. Well, museum lobby, but still.

“I guess it is,” she said. “I’ve been wondering about it for a while, but… I thought it was impolite to ask. Sorry if I came off as rude.”

Well, this was awkward. Maybe she should have brought it up sooner in Writing Club or elsewhere. It would have at least given her an explanation sooner, to prevent mishaps like this. Jennifer found herself looking away, only to see another classmate. It was Asuka, standing and waving some feet away

Jennifer waved back. She must be here for the same reasons, then? It was hot outside, too. Living on the edge of the Mohave desert meant a lot of air condition. Maybe that was it, for Bart. Just someone who sweats a lot.

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