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It was all Maxim said in response, nodding, then supporting his own head with one arm. It did seem to him like Cristo was telling the truth. A boy like him, he probably didn't think too much about many things, especially not those concerning the romantic realm.

Still, that only meant that he was harboring feelings he was unaware of, he was certain of it. Even though, he, Maxim, knew next to nothing about love, he did assert to be able to recognize it when witnessing it. After watching Casablanca countless times, the image of dedication and devotion in those characters' eyes had convinced him that he knew what love was, what it had to look like from the outside.

Of course, it was not such an extreme case with Cristo. He had merely noticed the glances he had occasionally thrown Abby's way back then, hints of wistfulness and something else. It had to be and most important of all, Maxim had no idea how he himself was to feel about it. It was quite possible that he alone was currently setting the two up for each other or something of that sort. And yet, was it not his goal to spend more time with Cristo himself, spend time in the company of the one boy whom he didn't mind being around him?

Maybe that was it. Maybe he was being jealous because Cristo enjoyed her company more than his. It was possible. Childish in a way thus regrettable, but very possible. However, stopping right now, again, would have just felt wrong. He had stirred his friend's feelings, that much was certain. Now, he had to go all the way, until he had gotten to the bottom of this. If not out of necessity, maybe out of curiosity, a welcome change of motive.

"Maybe you should." He blew a single strand of hair out of his own face, licking his lips. The sun did feel quite nice on his skin. Almost made him forget the people that were still out here, around them.

"Thinking about it might help you, or it might not. Maybe try it, can't hurt you, I'd say. Still, in the end, it's your call."
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