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escaping the real world to face reality
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((Asuka Takahara continued from It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)))

Asuka didn't know where she was going. Oh, she'd checked her bag, alright. She knew she had a map. The map didn't have a fucking thing to do with it. She didn't know where she was going because she didn't care where she was going, so everyone who thought that she was careless enough to forget about the map or clueless enough to get lost using it could shut up and go home.

Okay, so she would've gotten totally lost if she'd used the map. But semantics are important and shit, and so long as she wasn't trying to get somewhere, she couldn't be lost, right?

Yeah. Tell her she's incompetent. Go ahead. Tell her. She was gonna stick it in competency's face.

Asuka had rifled through her bag before coming over, of course. That's what competent people do. Competent people also think check their surroundings when they don't have cover, but Asuka didn't give a fuck. She'd thought of it, so what if she didn't actually do it? It was the thought that counted.

Food. Water. First-aid kit. To be expected. Also a WWI-era German gun, which would've been pretty fucking sweet if Asuka was actually gonna kill with it. Still, it'd be good for self-defense or something. Fuck the prepper community and all that, but Asuka could abide by their ideas now that she was actually living in a prepper's nightmare.

Not her nightmare though. Yeah. Her nightmares were better. She gazed into the abyss and shit. Seriously. Draw a comparison chart, you'll see who comes out on top. This nightmare was a fucking cakewalk, and to hell with her stupid shaking body and its stupid fear of death for saying otherwise.

So Asuka had stopped, taken a deep breath, picked a random direction, and walked. A lesson to her body, to show who was fucking boss. Walked across a bridge without cover, headed over to the gym without cover. Kept her gun out, because okay, she wasn't planning on dying this early even if fearing death was for dumbasses. That would suck. That would really really suck.

She stopped at what must have been the front of the gym. Her hand shook as she raised it to push the door open. Goddammit.

A moan of pain emanated from inside the place. Like that was going to change her mind. She was going to have to take some risks if she was going to be talking to people, and she was going to fucking talk to people because Asuka had stuff she needed to say, really meaningful stuff, and she was damned if she was gonna only soliloquy to the cameras. No. Fuck that. Go take a risk. Take it now. Present tense. Take it now.

Asuka pushed open the door.

There was a boy doubled over and a girl cowering in a doorway. Well. It wasn't like she wasn't expecting an anticlimax. And besides, an anticlimax is good here. An anticlimax is excellent. Shut up, disappointment. Relief's better than you.
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