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Min-Jae was still there. In front of him. He had stepped back slightly but Alvaro could still see him and he was still holding the baton and both of them were still on an island with collars around their necks and in a game where the aim was to be the last person still alive. He had to do something. He didn’t know what but he knew he couldn’t just stand here but he didn’t know what and his body wasn’t moving and min-jae was right in front of him. This was a mistake. Min-Jae was going to be a bad guy. Alvaro knew that was going to happen. He acted angry to everyone and Alvaro knew that in particular he hated him. His hands were shaking. Something. Something.

He remembered back to before he woke up when the man was speaking on the podium. He had to look around him. Anyone could kill him. He could have to kill anyone to survive. He had to either be dead or do something. He knew that he didn’t want to be the former, but he knew that he didn’t want to do the latter, either, but min-Jae was right in front of him, he had to do something. Anything. Anything that would get him out of here alive.

Min-Jae touched him with the stick. Alvaro’s body jolted.

The foot went up.
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