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"Safety? That's on the..."

Candice's voice trailed off as she realized she had no idea as to the answer to Mia's question either. Safety? Why would she know where that is? The only answer she could think of at the moment was "try random buttons," and she somehow doubted that either of them would appreciate that answer.

She began to reach out to get the gun so she could inspect it more closely, but upon moving her hand just a few inches she froze. This was somebody who was at the end of her nerves and acting on a possibly literal hair-trigger. How would the other girl react if Candice made a move that could be interpreted as trying to arm herself? She quickly drew her arm back, grasping the strap of her bag to ensure that she didn't accidentally make any threatening idle motions.

"It's on-- um, try holding it, maybe? They'd put it someplace you could easily switch it on and off while holding it." Or was it that they'd put it out of the way, so you don't accidentally toggle it while holding it? Damn, maybe she should just keep her mouth shut on topics she didn't actually know anything about.

She felt sick at the thought that she was probably going to become much more familiar with guns in the next few days.

Candice forced that unpleasant thought out of her mind. She turned and walked into Mia's room, glancing casually around the room as though she was in the process of inspecting a new college dorm before moving in. It was her best attempt at pretending that she was in control of the situation and acting like they could afford to relax and take a breather.

It was an absurd attitude for the serious situation they were in, but the serious talk could wait. No, with how the two of them were at their wit's end, it had to wait.

"Anyway, they really started us out right next to each other, didn't they? Think all the other rooms are filled with other people, too?"

Well, it's highly likely there weren't any people here now, at least. Any people would have either heard the gunshots and either come to investigate or hauled ass in the other direction. It was something to talk about, though, even if the topic was pointless. Maybe it was even a good topic because it was pointless.

"Ah, your name is Mia, right?"
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