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Realizing they weren't in immediate danger, Johnny felt his courage return. He couldn't put a name to the face he saw peeking out from behind the door, but it was a familiar one nonetheless. Blonde and meek, with an expression like she'd just wet herself in front of the class, everything about her screamed "not a threat".

Without the imminent possibility of death hanging over him, Johnny found himself standing a little straighter, and the tremor to be gone from his voice.

"Yeah, look that's not a good idea, okay? This place is... there's no way out, either, no way to run or anything... I mean I ain't a tactician or anything, yeah, but this plan is..."

The girl was clearly petrified, far more scared than he or Raina seemed, and the last thing she probably needed right now was for him to be insulting her. He remembered seeing her around school, remembered that nervous little face, looking like a strong wind might blow her over, or a fly landing on her table might send her screaming. He pictured her, sitting by herself in this dim, awful room, waiting to die, and thought was just too horrible. Johnny couldn't do it.

Bringing her along mightn't make things easier for him and Raina, but they were probably fucked either way, and he just couldn't leave her here by herself. He couldn't.

Johnny shot Raina a look, imploring. Raina breathed deeply, bit her lip, then nodded. It was all he needed to see.

"Look, come with us, okay? Just tag along until you find somewhere better. I mean, this wet, it's cold, you'll catch your death if nothing else, yeah?" It was a poor choice of words, and Johnny cursed himself.

"Besides, there's safety in numbers, right?"

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