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So that was a no. That was to be expected, Fiyori guessed in hindsight. She didn't like the tone GLD picked. A 'please' would have been nice. But instead, she went for a commanding tone, almost as if Fiyori was some kind of dog Georgia Lee had to discipline properly yet.

'No!' or 'Sit!' or 'Play Dead!' or something else. Yeah, Fiyori could imagine her saying exactly these things without even changing anything about her tone.

Fuck it though, she wanted the doors barricaded, she got those doors closed shut. Fiyori slid her bag off, placing it with a thud to her side and hurried to Georgia Lee. Alright, she didn't hurry in any true sense of the world. She returned Georgia Lee's expecting eyes with a sigh and a slow stroll towards the table she was attempting to move.

It wasn't meant to be provocative. Fiyori realized it might have seemed so.

Georgia Lee Day was through and through an unpleasant person. Fiyori felt this truth to be confirmed the moment the young woman offered Fiyori an alliance. Seriously, there were like, what, a little short on 100 students on the field trip? And out of all these people, GLD figured that Fiyori Senay would be the ideal candidate for an alliance. Right. If the chick biting you from behind was one of the better prospects, Fiyori wouldn't even dare to think about what other students thought about GLD. And how they'd react to her.

Still. Fiyori didn't want to cause a confrontation over a silly matter, so she had to be careful. Georgia Lee was a person who got upset over silly matters. It was just who she was as a person. Fiyori would have to work with that.

The tables themselves weren't as hard to move as Fiyori assumed. She did notice that Georgia Lee's strength was greater than Fiyori's and for some reason that bothered the latter. That aside, Fiyori had to cough once or twice, thanks due to all the whirled-up dust and fuck-knows-what dancing through the air and getting into her lungs. Aside from nearly dropping a table because of that, they managed to finish their task without a hitch. The doors were barricaded. Shut. Closed.

Didn't feel like it would hold out a lot, but sure. It would suffice for the moment. They'd have to think about the window, though Fiyori didn't like thinking about the window. It was some kind of super-long window stretching along the wall. That was pretty inefficient, heating-wise, Fiyori figured. To combine a fireplace and such a large hole in the wall. It might get cold in the night. She might have had to snuggle up to GLD, she joked to no one but herself. She smiled at that, though, and she was sure even GLD picked that up.

Still. The tables were long enough to cover the whole glass pane, that shouldn't be a problem.
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