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[Georgia Lee Day continued from Zum Glueck In Die Zukunft]

There was a darkness to the island, Georgia Lee thought. She didn’t think of herself as superstitious; she had never once knocked on wood or thrown salt over her shoulder, and when once she had broken a mirror she had simply swept it up and moved on with her life. Georgia Lee didn’t believe in ghosts or magic or auras, but she still could not deny that there was something somehow sinister about the island. Something off.

She didn’t think it was just the purpose that the island was set to, either. There was a rugged beauty to it she supposed, but Georgia Lee was confident that even had she been here voluntarily, she would have found the island unsettling.

It was the structures, she decided, that were so off-putting. They were old, clearly, the architecture old-fashioned and outdated, and they were falling to pieces. The road they walked along was full of cracks, and grass and weeds grew out of them. In places, a root had broken through the cement, which bulged out around it. They came, eventually, to a large imposing building, where a tree had smashed its way through a window.

It was like the island was attacking everything artificial on it, like the ground itself was eating the roads and the trees attacking the buildings. She knew, from a rational point of view, that this reclamation had started after whoever had lived here had abandoned the place, but it was hard not to imagine it happening the other way around.

It wasn’t abandoned now, though. As they approached what transpired to be a hospital, Fiyori had asked her repeatedly whether she could see anyone, and Georgia Lee had told her that she could not. It wasn’t clear to her whether the girl was looking to meet these people or to avoid them, and Georgia Lee didn’t ask. For the most part they had walked in silence. The walk wasn’t short and the bags weren’t light, and Georgia Lee had spent most of the second half of their trip waiting for Fiyori to complain. She hadn’t, not once, and Georgia Lee had been impressed despite herself.

The building, once they entered in, was in a state of utter ruin. Jagged splinters of wood jutted from shattered doors in places, and a blanket of leaves, dirt, dust and broken glass coated the floor. Footsteps and voices echoed through the corridors, though it wasn’t possible to tell where they came from, let alone who was speaking or what they were saying.

The effect, needless to say, was disquieting. Georgia Lee had glanced at Fiyori’s face, but if the other girl was bothered at all she wasn’t showing it, and so Georgia Lee too tried to keep up an exterior of calm and confidence.

They found themselves, eventually, in a foodhall of some sort. Fiyori collapsed into a chair, her long limbs folding themselves beneath her poncho. Georgia Lee drew her lips tight, one hand on her hip, the other holding the strap of the bag slung over her shoulder.

“No sitting down, not yet.” She lifted the bag off of her shoulder and let it fall to the floor, with a thump that echoed throughout the large, still room.

“We need to get some tables in front of the doors, maybe some benches too. Barricade them up, make this place secure. Once we’re safe, then we sit.”

Georgia Lee moved to one of the tables and placed two hands under the end of it, giving Fiyori a look of expectation.

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