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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Zum Glueck In Die Zukunft]]

Well, now this was getting very eerie. Georgia Lee and Fiyori came to find some sort of abandoned building. A larger one, and you'd be guessing and you'd be right to do so if you said it was actually used to house a larger number of people. A hospital of some sorts, Fiyori guessed at first.

She didn't like it. She didn't like the prospect of entering. She didn't like the prospect of it's dark hallways flooded with dust and dirt. She didn't like to think about all the people who resided there once. Who worked there once, and who all were either dead or otherwise gone.


No, she really didn't like it. But then they entered anyway. Because it was, all things considered, still 'inside'. And the 'inside' was a place of protections. Protection against the elements. Against the wind, the rain or the sun. Protection against people who snapped, too.


Either way, they entered the building and found a larger room connected to a kitchen, and it would take a fool to not guess that that place had once been a cafeteria. A place to prepare food, a place to eat and a place to socialize. As Fiyori entered, she thought about all the souls who once sat there, and a shudder ran down her spine. It hit close. Way too close.

But maybe it was fate. She always liked food, no? At least, she always loved preparing food. Baking, cooking, steaming, frying, stirring. Fiyori loved to make food. And she loved it even more to share all of it. She tried to share her food with GLD as well. Twice. The first time didn't work out. The second time... it did, but that wasn't a particular pleasant experience either.

Fiyori took small, careful steps, until she found a table covered with a thick blanket of dust. There were benches next to it, just as grey, and she wiped a spot clean with her hands. The dust formed little balls and strings and Fiyori pushed it together. Some flew to the ground, some stuck to her hand and some stuck to her clothes. She still took the seat, looked towards Georgia Lee and nodded to her. An invitation to do the same.

To sit down, and if not eat, socialize a bit.
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