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There was something going on about in Georgia Lee's face, but Fiyori wasn't sure what exactly. She hated that. If only she had her glasses, her visual abilities would've been good enough to even discern the smallest detail on Georgia Lee Day's face as long as she was looking for them. But without her glasses, there was nothing clear to see. Not at the distance between them. Fiyori sighed. She did not bother to hide it.

Georgia Lee Day decided to head off the bridge, and Fiyori Senay decided to follow her. Her ill-found companion took a bag, and Fiyori reached for the other one. She wasn't sure about it. About what to do. What it meant to survive. Oh, sure, Georgia Lee had a plan in mind. And if she had not, she would be formulating one in her head at that very moment. She was the kind of person to do that. Routine. Methods. Strategy. She would devise her brilliant and genius strategy to get off this island without a hitch and it would all crumble the same before the hurdles that would be their classmates.

Georgia Lee thought she and Fiyori could survive. She would not. And she would not.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying]]
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