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For a minute there, she’d thought Fiyori was going to jump.

The girl’d been poised, right at the edge of the bridge, and visions of her hurling herself of, of her spindly insect frame spinning over and over on the way down, had filled Georgia Lee’s head. There was no way you’d survive that, surely; not from this height. It would have been in suicide.

And, in another sense, it would have been murder. There had been a dreadful, fleeting moment of surety where Georgia Lee had known, had known with an absolute and lethal certainty that Fiyori would leap, she would die, and Georgia Lee would be utterly at fault.

The guilt of that realization was like a lead weight in her stomach. Georgia Lee took a step towards Fiyori, tenser than she had ever been, ready at any moment to reach out and grab the girl before she plummeted. When Fiyori hadn’t jumped, when she’d accepted Georgia Lee’s offer instead, the sense of relief was so overwhelming she didn’t know whether she would laugh or cry.

The weight lifted from her, and Georgia Lee relaxed, grateful that the other girl could not make her face out. In truth, Georgia Lee didn’t know what feelings would be showing on it, or even what feelings she had. In some ways it felt like she was feeling everything; joy and misery and rage and confusion and fear and hope, all streaming over her, all at once, and if she stopped for a moment to acknowledge or assess any one of them, she sensed she’d be swept along in a tide of emotion and reduced to a wreck.

Georgia Lee balled her hands into fists to keep them from shaking, kept her lips tight to keep from screaming.

Fiyori wasn’t going to jump. Fiyori was going to help her. They’d get off of this bridge, they’d get help, and somehow they’d get out of here. They’d survive.

Nothing needed be said, Georgia Lee decided, and she didn’t trust her voice to say it anyhow. She hiked one of the bags onto her shoulder, gave Fiyori a nod, and lead the way off of the crumbling bridge.

[Georgia Lee Day continued in Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying]

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