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Hah, it was a bottle! Henry was right, as usual.

To add even further to his triumph, Henry successfully located his medical kit, from which he obtained a small latex butterfly bandage. "Here!" He said. He briefly considered tossing the bandage packet over to Jasper, but the wind would probably carry it into the water or something which would be awkward.

So he handed it to Jasper instead.

"You probably need to disinfect it too." Henry pointed out. He moved back to his bag to double check for a Neosporin or something. It sure was convenient they had these first aid kits here. Otherwise someone might get hurt.

"Got some disinfectant!" Henry turned around and held out an alcohol pad. "Wipe this on it so you don't get an infection." Geez, going through the bag with one hand was challenging. He didn't want to put down the bullwhip, though. His fingers were still tightly wrapped around the handle of it, the body of the whip laying across the pier like a dead snake.
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