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Isabel seemed alright with being friendly, with teaming up, so that was good. Clarice wasn't sure what would happen when people weren't amiable to teaming up. Would they just leave? Would they attack? Would they die elsewhere? Who knew.

As she poured over her map, Clarice heard a new greeting and glanced up. Maria. Clarice knew Maria, though not too well. Mostly, she knew that she had a cooking channel on Youtube, though Clarice had never personally watched it. Other than that, she seemed alright.

Clarice raised a hand. “Hey! We're friendly. Stick around, if you want.” Then she went back to her map.

Anyone open to teaming up was probably fine, at least for the moment. Safety in numbers. And if Clarice didn't go around trusting people, how could she expect them to trust her? Or anyone else?

That's how this game worked. She had never personally watched SotF—because ew—but she'd read a bit on it. It was, from a theoretical standpoint, a really good example of what the film medium could do. Main problem is that it was real. But she knew enough to gather that a breakdown of trust was a big part of it. She assumed it was the major point. After all, whatever the terrorists wanted, it probably helped if everyone back home was looking at each other and wondering 'would they kill me to save their own skin?'

This island didn't have all that much to offer. An old mental asylum, it seemed. Little else. But there was one place that was of interest to Clarice. The bell tower. A big, tall and noisy thing.

Clarice looked up and pointed in the general direction of the bell tower, although she had to ballpark it a little.

“I think the bell tower might be the best place. We want to gather everyone who's not willing to fight, right? So we need a big, noisy thing to draw them all to one place. Get up there, RING RING RING and everyone'll know something's going down, right?”

Whatever that 'something' was. But hey, one step at a time, right?
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