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Bradley loved being right. He apologised on Clarice's behalf to the bowling alley employee who came over to clear up the mess. He was normally pretty civil to those he didn't know when there was a patron-employee dynamic at play: he was a comedian, not an asshole, which was a nuance most people seemed to forget. He wouldn't antagonise someone doing their job just for the hell of it.

Clarice had already done that, after all.

He made sure his explanation of what had happened was loud enough, and damning enough, so Clarice knew this poor guy was aware who was responsible for his current predicament. The employee insisted it was nothing, but hell, that was a contractual obligation, most likely: and from the tone in his voice, Bradley's condemnation had hit the right marks.

One more person thought Clarice was a bitch. Heh. He could be happy with that outcome.

((Bradley continued elsewhere.))
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