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This was why he had targeted Georgia Lee over Alice. To mock Alice was cruel, mean, unrewarding - it was boring when there was no fight back, and it was a coarseness that crossed the line into straight bullying, rather than what Bradley saw as his own eclectic brand of witty and daring banter. He pushed boundaries, but he wasn't actively sadistic.

She had replied with a barb. Not a sharp one, not a painful one, definitely not one that conveyed much original wit or wordplay or insight. But hey, it was a good effort.

B-, he'd grade it.

"Nah, Georgia Lee, New Mexico is a pretty godawful place. They have a town called Truth or Consequences, y'know?" He turned to Alice for this aside, almost jarringly conversational and amiable. "Named for a radio show competition. Any state that names its towns after a radio show, Georgia Lee, is not a good place for you to get delivered to sexual heaven by yours truly."
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