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"No I'm-" Cameron cut herself off. Instead of pretending she was fine she just pushed herself around to make it easier for Mel to help. Reaching out Cameron took Mel's arm and managed to work herself back up to her feet, most of her weight resting on Mel's shoulder. She was angry with herself for being so stupid as to fall down a set of stairs, of all the things she could have done it was something as simple as walking down the stairs that messed her up. Cameron didn't know if she had just sprained her ankle or if it was broken, either way it was a major injury considering the situation.

"God fuck." Cameron buried her face in the pit of her arm. The pain was still constant, a throb that emanated from her ankle and worked it's way up her leg. She had it raised off the floor to avoid putting any more weight on it than she needed to.

"I'm sorry about this."
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