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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Get back here!" Alba cried at the thief.

The thief had his hands inside the other girl's bag and was running for the trees. He finally just swung the bag in Alba's direction. Most of the items in the bag spilled out into the sand. Alba stopped running before the bag could hit her. By the time she focused on running again, the guy was already gone. Alba let out a quick groan. She couldn't believe she let the guy get away.

The other girl called out to Alba, asking what was going on. Alba turned back to the girl.

"Some guy just tried to run off with your stuff!" Alba shouted to the girl. "Just wait a moment, I'll get it back to you."

Albe knelt onto the sand and started throwing all the scattered contents back into the girl's bag. A few ration bars, some water, a deck of cards, all went back into the bag. Once it was all in, Alba began to walk back to the girl.

"Hey, I think I got everything back in," Alba said to the girl. "I think he stole some of your food, though."
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