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Dorothy fully trusted Asha. She knew that she was doing her best to get Monsieur Machete away from them. She wasn't necessarly scared of him. He was just walking around with a machete, chances are planning to murder them and cut their body in tiny pieces, and maybe even eat them. Cannibalism wasn't forbidden on the island, and it could even be a good source of food if they ate all of their rations.

Dorothy cleared her mind, she really needed to stop going on tangents whenever stuff happened around her. Daydreaming and thinking about something else than this place was fun though and she coul-

Stop this right now, get on track. While Asha was distracting Alex, she peeked a look in her bag. There was two sticks, about the length of the bag but a little bit short on exiting the bag. A paper slip, which she guessed was supposed to be intact, laid in between, crumbled.

"Dorothy Shelley. Escrima stick x 2."

They appeared to be made of wood, they were painted black and they had a white and red spiral pattern around them. They really looked pretty. She ran her finger against one of them, some parts were bigger and other smaller. It reminded her of bamboo sticks she saw on television once. And while checking out pandas too on Youtube. They were so cute, but apparently pooped a lot: the opposite of cute.

She eyed the scene, could she just walk up to him and whack him? No, that wasn't in her field of capacities. She'd rather talk it out and be nice, and offer hugs and to trade weapons and alliances and whatnot. Could Asha do it? Maybe, but she couldn't just give her one of the stick without Alex noticing. If he noticed something was up, he could charged and tried to murder them. She didn't know about Asha's weapon either. Maybe she had a gun, and just waited to brandish it to scare him away. If she waved it around, maybe he'll run away with his tail in between his legs.

But someone else showed up. This will not turn out well if people just kept adding themselves to the party. More people meant more weapons laying around. If one person just decided, they could just kill them all. She answered to Wayne's waving with a small "Hi." and an even smaller wave from her position. She realized that being half-seated and half-standing wasn't good if she had to run, so she raised herself a tiny bit more.
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