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Even as Candice started to move and speak, Mia couldn’t help but stare at the holes in the floor. There were teeny tiny splinters of wood scattered everywhere, and little scraps of faded carpet still floating down around her. Gently, as if she was expecting to fall through it any second, Mia tapped her foot down against the floor. It felt solid, like that old wood you saw in stately homes, wood that was built to last centuries.

The gun had torn through it like it was butter. Butter that had been left out in the sun for an hour. In, like, Morocco.

Mia briefly considered what it could do to people in that case, and instantly felt sick to her stomach, bile starting to rise in her throat. Another part of her brain, the part of her brain that still thought it was stuck in Kingman, was screaming at her that she had a gun in her hands and that is was pretty fucking cool.

It wasn’t exactly an appropriate train of thought, but it did help Mia regain control and calm down a little. It was just a little thing that kept her grounded and stopped her from drifting away again, into anger and despair, and screaming into girls’ faces.

“Yeah, uh… yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Mia nodded her head back towards the room she’d burst out of. “That room’s in pretty okay condition, it’s got a bed and anything! Not that the terrorists had the courtesy to drop me on it, course not.”

Mia put the gun into her jacket pocket, half of it still sticking out, and took a step towards the room. She stopped suddenly, before pulling the Uzi out again and glancing sheepishly towards Candice.

“Do you, uh, know where the safety is on here? If there is one? I don’t exactly want a repeat of… that.”


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They say the hangover after you get drugged and kidnapped by terrorists is the worst · The Staff Dormitories B Block