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Oh crap, paper toilet. He never thought about that. Even though he was on this island, he was still a human being with need like going to the bathroom, eating, drinking, sleeping, and much more. Nobody could just go around hacking away and thinking they could still leave today.

This game could spend days, maybe even a week before it comes to an end. It could last even longer, up to fourteen days of fighting, if he recalled right the news report about one of those version. If it was time limited, he would have played, but it wasn't. They could stay here for a long time, if one person was murdered a day and the murderer called it a day. They'll spend so much time on this island, it'll become their lives and histories. It freaked Jerry the fuck out.

It could last a month maybe if the class didn't feel like playing. Maybe one day for everyone students on the trip. Maybe they'd all be dead, but for one, tomorrow. The future held the answer, and he'd rather not know about it.

So the plan was to loot the place: find paper toilet, find some booze, and find something to use as a weapon. Should be feasible quickly and neatly. Especially since they are two and they can seperate to find more at once. Divide and conquer the pub? Sounds like a plan.

He thought about it, he started in the woman's bathroom and it was the closest room to him, other than the man's and Michael seemed to have awaken somewhere around here, so maybe he should search this specific room.

Did it really make a difference? No. Jerry just wanted some kind of control over this situation. They, the students, had no power over this program/game/fight or whatever the terrorists called it at the "you get tied down and gassed" briefing. They were terrorists, right? It wasn't some kind of inside job? Gosh, if this was one of those conspiracy revealed to be true, how fucked up that'd be?

He sighed, he didn't have time to think about those things. He was busy trying to not die and stick around long enough to see another day. He exhaled and inhaled, fuck this was a dramatic ten minutes. He shook his head, just get going and don't stop. If you stop, you think, if you think, it hurts. Just go and never stop. He bit his lip, time to get going, no time to think.

"I'll check out the washrooms, and you search where they stashed the booze, okay?"
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