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"Ironically, I want to fight people for a living."

Trav lightly scratched behind one of his ears.

"Being an MMA fighter is the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my life. So I suppose I want to keep doing it, get to the UFC and win a world title, as generic as that sounds; on the other hand it's my dream so if people think it's dumb fuck 'em." Trav chuckled. His parents had always been supportive of him, they accepted what he wanted to do with his life and were glad he had a passion. He could tell at some points they had been unsure, but as soon as he had started amateur fights they saw his potential. He loved them for that. They came to every fight, told him they would support him as much as they could. He wasn't going to get a chance to repay that.

Pushing the dark thoughts from his mind, Trav refocused his gaze on the clouds.

"What about you Cass? What are your dreams?"
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