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Sometimes, your friends didn't want help. Sometimes, they just want to lie down, cry and not think about anything. Serena would be fine with if it was back home, but they were not at home, they were in Survival of the Fittest. Her smile dropped when there came no response from Al, She thought it would help his spirits a bit or at least get an reaction.

It made her feel a pang of anger towards him, here she was planning away and trying to help him, and he's just lying there ignoring everything as if that would help. The feeling of nothing being accomplished crept up on her. Maybe she should leave.

But she didn't, even if Al was frustrating her to no end right now, he was still her friend. Since telling him of her plan didn't work, She could try a more direct approach.

"I'm not going to let you waste away in here, now get up!" She punctuated her demand by lightly kicking him in the back.


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