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They were four people now. That should worry Conrad. The more people came, the more people came he had to be afraid of. He could trust Clarice. He wasn't sure on Isabel or Maria. But perhaps Maria did not want to stay. Isabel apparently did not want to go away, though.

"Greetings", he repeated to Maria. Conrad did not like so many people coming. But perhaps Clarice would be fond of it. Maybe it makes her plan of grouping up come true. What then? Conrad had no clue. But having a big group was a good way to keep themselves clear from attackers. Unless, the attacker was in the group. In which case it all was pointless.

Conrad tried to have a rather friendly face to Maria and Isabel joining. He did not want to think that they would not be invited. But he thought different. Conrad hopes Clarice to be less willing to invite new people to their party. Scout, Kizi? Sure. But people they did not know that much, people they weren't close with. It was not worth it, risking their lives.
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