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Cameron shrugged at Mel's question. She didn't even know what the other girl...her partner, meant by getting everyone together. If she meant everyone of their classmates than Cameron didn't think it could be done. There were too many people, and therefore too many moving parts. They could get a smallish group together sure, anything above say five or six? That would be pushing things a little too much. She kept that part to herself however, it didn't make sense to start raining on Mel's parade as it was still preparing to start.

"Yeah sure, sounds like a plan."

The other thing she had to think about was finding Vanessa and Coleen. She knew she wanted to do that. No matter what, she needed to do that; before it was too late.

She had to smile at Mel wanting to see the ocean, it was wistful. She hadn't even thought about seeing the ocean. She had never seen it before.

"That's a good point. We have to see the ocean."

Cameron started heading down the stairs, looking around the cabin as she did so. She didn't even realise her left foot was going to miss the step until she felt her balance go, she tried to regain it but all she felt was her foot get jammed between the stairs themselves. Then she was hitting the wood. She registered the pain and heard Elmo hit the ground, eventually she stopped at the bottom, she could already feel the bruises forming on her arms and legs.

Shakily Cameron tried to push herself up onto her feet, as soon as she tried to put any weight on her left ankle however an intense burning sensation greeted her and she collapsed back onto the floor.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."
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