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Isabel's mouth pursed as she considered the last thing that Clarice said.

Isabel had only heard the very last sentence she said, but thankfully it was clear enough to let her respond without looking like an idiot. "Sure, I'm up for that, grouping up seems like a good idea. Gather a big herd together and flock around the island!"

Isabel wanted to continue with "...and then get picked off slowly by the wolves." but she kept that bit to herself, no need to offend the people that were more than capable of murdering her a lot more quickly than she could murder them. Isabel stretched her arms out. The best thing she could do right now is keep Conrad and Clarice happy.

Isabel looked up at the sky before hearing a faint 'hey guys' a little ways away. She turned her head to the source of the noise only to see-

Oh, this bitch, Isabel thought to herself.

Maria and Isabel had a fairly long and rather one sided history. For some reason, Maria didn't even seem to know that Isabel even existed, despite the fact that she was one of the most popular girls in the school. Maria constantly acted oblivious to Isabel's presence, prompting Isabel to spread rumors about Maria whenever she could. In spite of all that, Maria still didn't even seem to notice, and Isabel wasn't sure if Maria was extremely stupid, just that oblivious, or intentionally trying to annoy her by not acknowledging her. The mere sight of Maria's face made Isabel want to take a swing at her, preferably with her makeshift flail.

Isabel realized that attacking Maria in front of everyone else would likely result in her being attacked herself, so she kept her cool and quietly smoldered without saying a word instead.
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