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Numb yet crying. Was that an oxymoron? A contradiction in terms? Or was it the inevitable consequence of being put into the situation that he found himself in even now? Whatever it was, he supposed, he wouldn't be dying alone.

He'd be dying with another person who really didn't deserve to die. Fuckin' A. His shoulder was getting soaked through from Rea's tears, but he didn't object, watching as the droplets of his own eyes dropped down and splashed into his trousers, the carpet, anything.

Carefully, he pulled Rea's bag over towards him, intending on sharing the load a bit more evenly. He unzipped it and looked through it, finding the same supplies that he had, except for one difference. His eyes widened as she saw the gun, but for now he left it in there, instead pulling out an energy bar and unwrapping it for her.

"Maybe we don't have to fight?" He muttered. The overwhelming part of his brain knew that it was bullshit, five times this had gone ahead, and not once did the result end in anything but a single survivor. "There can't be too many islands with an infrastructure like this, right?"

Maybes the government would be searching for they already, preicing together the locations the terrorists were releasing in order to find the location. Maybe his or her family had hired investigators to do the same. They were both rich, right?

Or maybe, the cynical part of his brain whispered, you're in denial. 'You know that you're going to have to kill or be killed and you're too pathetic to accept it. You wanted to be a soldier, so make up your mind Willy boy!'
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