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Brendan had been careless as he heard the girl's voice call out to him and all he could do was stand there, shaking a little. He was still too scared to move and he hated that he didn't have the confidence to just stroll out there. His breathing was slightly loud and he realized something. It really was too dark in this room. Brendan cursed himself for coming back into there. But he could also use it to his advantage as it would be hard for the girl to see him in the room. She pretty much called that she was not going to hurt him. Brendan found it hard to believe her. But when he saw her for a few moments, he didn't see a weapon on her. Unless it was in her bag and she wasn't planning on using it. Brendan would feel so foolish if he thought the girl was going to attack and kill him. Brendan was torn over what he should do. Hide or let her see him? He didn't know what to do. But he couldn't just stay in one spot forever.

Brendan could hear the girl's footsteps getting closer. He needed to move. But where? The girl was still talking to him. She was promising not to hurt him. That was a bit reassuring. But he didn't want to be too trusting. But now that he thought about it. He was sure that he heard her voice before. Maybe? If only he could see her face again to see if he could recognize her. Unlike before when he had blindly panicked like a complete moron. He felt a bit frustrated with himself. What if it was a friend? They would think he was crazy for freaking out on them. He didn't really have the time to think about it now.

Brendan planned to move forward to stay hidden beside the doorway. It was a risk that he was willing to take. Even if it was the wrong choice. It was better than doing nothing and looking like a complete dork.

Brendan took a step forward....

....And he regretted it.

As his left shin connected with a rotting wooden bench and it sent a throbbing pain through his leg. He let out a hiss as he dropped his bag to the floor with a loud thunk. His eyes were blurred with tears and he was trying to blink them back. He didn't need to cry because of something he caused to himself. How could he be so clumsy like that? He didn't have time to mess things up for himself right now. He was trying hard not to swear. Then he lifted his left leg up to balance on the bench gently. He didn't want it to break more under his foot. Then he rubbed his shin with his hands and he hissed again, muttering under his breath.

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