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There, someone answered. No, not someone, it was Oskar, that puny pushover, or so she saw him. Well, great. First person she'd come across and he was probably not going to be of much use. Unless he had a bazooka or anything that was actually useful with him. Not like here damn whiskey bottle. Best thing she could do with that was smash someone over the head. And she would, if anyone was gonna threaten her or something like it. Even Oskar.

"Stay there, I'm comin' over!"

Maybe yelling so much wasn't a good idea. Could attract others to them, someone like Caedyn or Bradley, or someone with an even bigger chip on their shoulder. God, she hoped not.

The voice came from a direction that required her to leave the path she walking on to move towards it. Though you could hardly call it a path, what with all those bushes and brambles and- ugh, this was terrible. She didn't mind nature, not at all, but this was seriously starting to get on her nerves. Oh well, complaining wasn't going to do her much good. Maybe later.

Carefully, she stepped into the muddy dirt, took one step, then another and another. She'd reach Oskar soon enough, no reason to hurry and risk slipping and falling on the fucking ground. That was the last thing she could use, although her dress was already pretty much ruined. Ugh, fuck it.


There was another voice suddenly speaking up, no, yelling out. It sounded like its owner was even closer than Oskar was, ahead of her. Maybe right on her way towards him. Definitely sounded like a girl's voice, thought it was a bit hard to tell, what with the voice having been all contorted. Whoever had yelled was clearly not being happy. Though that was obvious, judging from what they had yelled. Fucking rude.

Jane continued to pave her way through the mostly dead wasteland that lay to her feet, slowly getting used to it. Her steps were getting faster and more frequent, she held her bag tightly grasped, her eyes focusing on what was ahead of her. And then she saw it, saw someone.

Someone on the ground, maybe fifty feet away, rolled up into a ball. Jane jumped for a second, thinking the person in question was dead. No, they were probably the one who had yelled out earlier. Didn't look like Oskar, had to be them. Still couldn't recognize them, so she had to step closer.

Just her luck though, another person she met and it seemed like it was another mostly useless one, panicking like that. Well, couldn't help it, letting her lie on the ground wasn't going to help either.

"Hey you! You there, I don't think hugging the ground is going to help you much. Don't you want to get up?"
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