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She heard the voices again.

And slowly, she unfroze. Breathed. She still wasnít able to tell what the people inside were staying, but they didnít seem to be approaching her. That was good. It meant she had a little bit of time. To think, of course. About whether or not she should stay still or move. Off of the top of her head, that seemed like a very easy choice to her. Move. Staying still in between the doorways made her a sitting duck and she couldnít really think of any benefits that would make up for that. She nodded to herself. She had to move. Now the question for her was where to move to. Into the door with the people inside, or out of the area while nobody knew she was here?

Both choices were valid, but both were regarding who the people were inside the room. She wasnít very sure about who they were, their voices werenít ones that she could recognise. If she went inside, it could be possible for her to join in on their conversation and integrate with them. However, she didnít know who they were, and it was entirely possible for her to become their victim if they werenít good people. So, the next option was to leave this place while she still hadnít been noticed. It meant that she could possibly avoid the risk of these people, but it meant that she could be at the mercy of whoever the other people were out there.

She shook her head. This was another easy choice. She set a reminder to kick herself later for thinking that both were equal options as she opened the door.

It was dark, just like the room she was just in. How did people use this if it was so dark all the time. Wait, no. Thatís not a question to ask right now. Maybe when she was safe and secure she could but when she was possibly in fear for her life she wasnít going to waste it asking stupid questions like that. Ugh. She just needed to move forward in here for a bit. The voices had stopped, for some reason, but she hadnít heard anything else in this room. Hopefully this was a good idea. She knew that she could run if it wasnít but it would be far better for her if this ended up being good.

The creaking of the door and the noise of her footsteps were totally foreign to her.
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