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((Maria Cucinotta continued from Rolodex of Hate)

Jesus Christ the run had winded her, and it hadn't even been that far. She was too on-edge, her stomach was churning, and the sword kept on smacking against her thigh as she ran. She could smell the sea, the salty, bring smell that she had experienced so often, gone deep beneath over fifty times... Maria could handle the sea. If it wasn't for the collar she would have tried going for it, taking her chances and heading out for another island, but if she tried that, then her head would become salsa sauce and that didn't sound like her ideal goal.

As she neared the cliffs though, she saw that there was already a little party going on. The same size, infact as the one she had fled from, but since it didn't look like anyone was shooting, and it was far more open, she could go with it. She actually recognised them as well. Well, two of them.

Clarice was pretty cool. Had defended her from Bradley once, which had permanently put her in Maria's good books, and she knew that her and Conrad were a thing. Kinda. She was never sure how far they'd taken the relationship. The other girl was genuinely a mystery to her.

She left the blade inside its makeshift sheath, and put her hand in the air in greeting, shortly followed by a 'Hey guys' as she drew nearer. Conrad had... Whatever the fuck that weapon was. A halberd? Something like that. She didn't know what the other two had, but neither of them looked as if they were packing, so there was that.

Time to see if this would be another vomit-including clusterfuck of a situation that she'd stumbled into.
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