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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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"I don't know, man. I just..." Ty closed his eyes for a moment. The faces were coming too fast now, and they just kept repeating. What were they supposed to do? He wasn't some hero. He was a piece of shit that hadn't even managed to drag himself out of the ditch, let alone anyone else. Untrimmed nails dug into his palm in tight fists as he shook. "I just don't know."

No point in dragging out over it. Maybe they could all pow-wow and have a neat little breakdown over the whole thing later, but for now they needed a plan, and it didn't sound like Harry was inclined to come up with it. They had to think about safety first and...well, come to think of it, was there actually safety around him? Underneath all the faces, that shit on the screen kept playing in his head. Weren't the first time this had happened, weren't the first time somebody had thought real hard about their friends and thought "Nah, can't be us." Weren't the last time it was gonna turn out they were wrong either, probably. Ty wasn't too concerned about his friends at the moment, though. He was thinking about a different bunch.

"Harry, man," he started quietly "I don't...I dunno if it's safe for you to be around me." He could see it pretty clearly in his head. "You know the kinda...y'know, reputation I've got." Hardly a day went by that he didn't feel like there was some kinda fear or suspicion in the eyes on him about the way he looked, the family he'd come from, the things he'd said and done over the years. "Somebody's liable to...I dunno. Do somethin'. I don't want you caught up in that."
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