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Every part of Alvaro’s brain that allowed him to respond decided to shut off the moment Min-Jae responded to him.

He was standing there. Min-Jae was standing in front of him. Min-Jae had a weapon. Alvaro didn’t. He was just standing here in front of the kid who Alvaro hated him and who Alvaro knew was a bad person to other people and who Alvaro knew was in a game with him where the aim was to be the last person standing and who Alvaro could see had a better weapon than him and oh god oh god why was he here in the game and why did he have to awaken here of all places with Min-Jae and no weapons and no, no no, this had to be rigged, there was no way that anyone else could have been put like this and it was because they hated him, he knew that; everyone hated him and he was going to die here because someone who hated him was right in front of him and his body couldn’t move and he knew that he had to do something but he didn’t know what and oh god he needed help and he needed to get out of here and do something just do something please-


The syllable forced itself out of his throat.
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