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“One out of three ain’t- isn’t bad.”

There was a shrug before that sentence. There was a small smile after. This sorta reminded him of the way they occasionally argued during school. She’d say something stupid, he’d try to give her a reason for why it was stupid, she’d keep being stupid, he would get a rise because he was getting annoyed with her stupidness, and then she’d say something that’d lighten the mood and make him realise how kinda stupid he was being for trying to argue with her. Those talks were fun, other than the part where he’d get slightly actually angry but ultimately that was a part he had the capability to forget. He was in that phase now. Irene was still trying to argue with him but he was trying to change it to something else because he saw now that nothing was going to end up with him convincing her.

There was something in what he said that he could work off of. Probably not something Irene actually meant, but still something he found a little funny. Enough to mention, at the very least.

“Wait, do you seriously think that Darius is capable of doing-”

A gunshot rang out. Jeremy closed his eyes, and for a moment, all that existed was noise.

He opened his eyes.

His ears were ringing.

His heart was thumping.

He looked around and tried to see what was happening, light from the sun refusing to leave his eyes creating the outline of the initial image every way he turned his head. Danny was shouting something, Jeremy didn’t know what. He could hear the words coming out of his mouth but they weren’t words, they were sounds. Blocks of ice sitting there on the table waiting for a sculptor to give them shape. He was also doing something. Pulling the collar around his neck and trying to get it off. Wait, hang on, wouldn’t that cause it to explode? The ringing was still most of what he could hear and the words of his mind weren’t connecting together but he remembered the presenter saying something like that so it would probably be best if he said something.

“Wait, don’t do that. Calm down,” Jeremy said. The sounds were better coming from him, but not by much. The blocks were slightly chiselled, each syllable was unique from the others but they were still only sounds. Nothing he could really tell. He hoped that Danny got it, at the very least.

Wait, where was Irene?

He looked around frantically for a bit trying to see where she was but then he saw her on the ground. Okay. Good. He wasn’t really sure what could have happened to her but it was okay that she was okay. Apparently she had knocked herself to the ground, but she didn’t seem to be that much injured. His heartbeat felt a little bit less intense and he realised that it was sorta typical for this to happen of her to fall onto the ground like that.

He had to resist the urge to smile, even if it was only slight. Even if she was okay smiling after what just happened probably wasn’t the appropriate thing for him to do. She had likely just figured it out. The least he could do was give her a little courtesy.

He reached his hand down to her.

“You okay?”
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