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At first it was calm. Calm was good. Calm meant no-one was going to die, at least immediately. And then Jasmine just started screaming at Lily like she was a seven-foot-tall muscle-bound ax murderer.

“Wha—“ Lily followed Jasmine's gaze to the bloody hand, the bloody mirror shard. Not to mention she still had flecks of blood on her dress from Mr. Graham. “Oh! No, this isn't… I hurt my hand! Look!”

Perhaps holding out her open, gashed hand wasn't the best idea. In her rush to show Jasmine that it was her own blood, she flung out her hand a little wildly and scattered drops of blood in Jasmine's direction. Just waving her hand around made the fresh sting of the injury burn more.

As she flailed her hand around, she looked over in the direction she'd last seen Coleen. Her hand hadn't been bloody when she first walked in. Things had been calm between them before Jasmine had turned up.

“Tell her I didn't attack anyone! I just wanted to check my map!” Lily yelled in Coleen's general direction, panic and frustration entering her voice.

Her feet felt like they were glued to the floor. She didn't back away or get closer, and she didn't drop the mirror shard. She thought about it for a split second—prove she was harmless—but what if Jasmine attacked?
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