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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ooooooh no. No no no.

Far too much yelling.

Coleen clapped both of her hands over her ears and crouched down near her bag, clinging to the hope that maybe these two could hash out whatever clumsiness-generated catastrophe was about to befall the library and just leave her out of it. The more she stayed out of the public eye, the better. Nobody ever won a battle of attrition by drawing attention to herself.

She felt dirty for her line of thinking. If the goal of this whole disgusting charade was to get former friends and classmates to distrust one another? Then congratulations. Your stupid little social experiment was a riveting success. Maybe wait a couple more hours and then turn off the cameras, launch an announcement over some PA system if you've got it, and let everybody know they could go home.

Coleen just wanted to go home. She wanted this terrible dream to be over and, in the meantime, she needed everybody to stay the hell away from her. A hug wouldn't be that terrible either which... was rather counterproductive given her aforementioned comfort criteria. Looks like she'd be hugging herself tonight, provided she made it that far.

"Stop... stop..." Coleen murmured, mentally screaming at both Lily and Jasmine far louder than her voice could ever manage.

Just get the fuck away from that stupid door. Come on, guys, it wasn't hard. Just let her out.
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