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Maybe things were going to be okay. Matt wasn't normally the optimistic sort, but trying to keep positive - or at least as positive as he could be about this sort of thing - seemed better to him than lying down and letting someone kill him.

Nate seemed confused that they were on an island with an asylum on it - Matt was also confused, but more over the logistics of the whole thing. If the place used to be an asylum, then that meant it couldn't be all that far from civilization, right? Help would have to come eventually. Someone would eventually figure out where they were. They had to.

Then he pointed out the collars.

Of course. The collars. Almost immediately, he wanted to take it off, but he fought the urge. Who the hell knew what could set these things off? Tugging, slight winds, harsh words.. it didn't take a genius to figure out that testing the limits of these things wasn't a smart idea.

"Oh. Shit. Guess that kinda.. ruins any chance of a rescue operation. They'd probably blow all the collars if someone showed up."

He wasn't exactly keeping positive.
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