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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely hard to stay panicked when you've hit your head so hard you're seeing stars.

Jasmine sat there, holding her head, muttering and cursing, kuso, kuso, kuso. It was a force of habit for her; her parents had no idea what she was saying, after all. To any outsider, though, they'd probably think she was talking gibberish to herself. Maybe that was the case for Lily, maybe not.

When she heard a familiar voice, she looked up. Misty-eyed, frowning, Jasmine was suffering through the pain like a child who just scraped her ankle. It took her a minute to believe it was really Lily Caldwell. Her brain kept saying, "wait, why was Lily here?", "she wasn't there before, I would have seen her," "Why is Lily talking to me, I thought she hated me." Still feeling out of sorts, Jasmine forced herself to speak.

"Oh. Lily? Is that really that you?" She swallowed, her throat dry, "I'm fine, I just fell and - "

That's when she saw Lily's hand. And the blood.

Under normal circumstances, shock would have given her enough time to realize that, no, Lily couldn't have stabbed anyone with that shard of glass. Certainly Jasmine, under normal circumstances, would have taken one look at Lily and understood that a girl that size would not have been able to overpower anyone, not even Jasmine herself.

But these weren't normal circumstances, were they? Jasmine was drugged. She landed on her head only moments prior to her eyes locking with Lily. She was also scared shitless. So all Jasmine could see was the glass shard and blood.

The blood was all she needed to see.

Jasmine screamed. In a sudden frenzy she started to crawl backward, scrambling in the direction of the door. Her eyes never left Lily and her bloodied hand. Her mind was overheated, her eyes wild, her face twisted into a look of sheer terror.

"NO!" She clenched the duffel bag for dear life. "STAY AWAY! D-DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!"

... Or what? You'll swing your bag at her?

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