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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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People. So many people. There were...just people, too many people, more than one and they were close, they were maybe coming this way and they would see her like this and no one could see her like this, not Lily or Jeremy or Josh or even Jazz so certainly not anyone else, no, no, no-


The words tore out of her in a ragged scream without much thought of the consequences. The voices were getting closer and nothing about that was okay, they needed to get out of here, she had to clean herself up, calm herself down, find someone, talk to someone, explain that this was a mistake, that she couldn't be here, she wasn't here, she was...

Deep breath. Not really, through all the sobbing, but deeper than she'd managed so far. It was okay. She could breathe, and get up, and clean herself off, and figure out what was going on. Her hands found the ground and started to push her up.

A spray of blood and bits of bone splashed across her mind's eye. New sobs wracked her body as she sunk back into the ground. There was no plan of action, no comforting gesture or centering desire that could wipe the chaos away from her mind. All she could do was curl up and stop trying to interact with the world. Maybe if she shut it out hard enough, it would go away.
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