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Blair, coughing from the acrid burning in her throat, wiped her face. She slowed her breathing, stepped back into the hall and sidled up against the wall to give the other two room to step away from the puddle of puke. Her innards hurt, and the taste in her mouth made her wish she had a whole tube of toothpaste to clean it out with.

First, though, she needed to talk. These two didn't seem to be actively murderous, at least not yet. If they were, she thought grimly, she'd be dead already. "Noah, and...Maria, right?" Blair said, almost at a whisper's volume. She was just about to offer her own name when another person arrived

Blair whipped around with a gasp, startled as the other girl entered. In all honesty she'd been so busy being sick that she hadn't recognized the incoming sounds of footfalls. "Sorry, you...surprised me." She said, her voice soft. "Sandra, isn't it?" She knew Sandra a bit better than the other two, having seen her around at the skate park on occasion. She was nice, but Blair didn't really know her beyond being kind of hyper.

"Sorry about the mess, I..." Blair felt her stomach cramp again, and she winced. Holding in her emotions was causing her physical pain, the trauma of what happened to Jennifer, it was too much. Not listening to Noah's comment, she staggered away from the group, towards the lobby, where she sat down on a bench.

Then she put her hands over her face and started crying.
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