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Rene just stood there, staring, not saying a word. The big guy seemed to have the same plan, just staring silently. One advantage of prolonged staring is that it gives a chance to identify someone that one may have passing knowledge of. Thanks to this, she was ale to recognize them as Sam... Sam... well damn, she didn't think she knew his last name. Anyway, he was Sam, and that was good enough for her.

So now that she knew who she was looking at, that was one problem solved. Of course, she still had to deal with the secondary problem of the... what was that, some kind of crossbow? Anyway, she had to make sure that it didn't wind up pointed at her for any reason.

Maybe Rene would have come up with a plan to defuse the tense yet silent situation. However, anything that she may have said next was immediately interrupted by what sounded an awful lot like a door forcefully slamming down the hall. Her gaze immediately snapped away from Sam and directed itself past him, staring down the hall. Rene finally broke the silence, saying something in an attempt to make the situation just a little less awkward.

"Looks like we're not alone here."
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