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Had she missed someone in the dark of the room earlier? The dim light filtering in through the door wasn’t quite enough to eliminate the possibility. A large pile of objects had collapsed, a stack of chairs and papers now spilt across the floor, making the room more of a mess than it had been before.

She could hear it now. Someone was sobbing. Amanda felt like a horror movie heroine right now, stupidly blundering her way back into the creepy room just to see what the heck was making that noise.

She gripped on to the rifle tightly. The safety was still on, and her hand was nowhere near the trigger, but it made her feel just a bit safer.

Then there was another voice from somewhere in the darkness, stuttering and clearly afraid. Amanda could only feel relieved hearing the voice. Emma was here, and Emma wasn’t dangerous. She’d worked together with Emma before countless times on school committees. Emma was a person that Amanda could trust.

“Emma? It’s me, Amanda!”

Amanda made her way further into the room, finding Emma kneeling on the grounds, hands up in the air. Was she scared of her? No, she was scared of what she might have been.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to shoot.”
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