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Henry jumped back and nearly fell off the dock when Jasper cried out as his bag apparently bit him. Wait, something in the bag did it. Maybe there was a biting thing in his bag, like a puppy! Why-

Henry froze again, face blank once more.

"Y-you okay Jasper? Wait, I asked that already." Henry tilted his head, looking concerned at his friend. He was bleeding from his palm, which looked unpleasant. The human hand was a sensitive area with a disproportionate number of nerves and blood vessels due to its importance. Hopefully Jasper wouldn't get a scar there, that'd be inconvenient if-

"Oh!" Henry exclaimed suddenly. He set his bag on the ground and started going through it again. "Hang on, I might have a bandaid or something if you want. Fishing buddies don't let each other go around getting hurt, right? Plus it's unsanitary to touch fish with cuts on your hands, you could contract fish-handler's disease which can result in sepsis."

Glancing back, Henry peeked into his friend's bag. Seemed like Jasper had a piece of glass in there. That was awfully unfortunate. Hopefully if it was like a bottle or something whatever was in it didn't spill out. Although it would definitely spill if it was in a bottle. Maybe it had contained a refreshing beverage and Jasper had drunk it? And then forgotten it was in there and it broke and now he'd cut himself.

How rude. It was probably a soda. Pop culture has been very violent lately, after all. There were far too many soda jerks around these days.
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