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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Okay," Jerry mumbled. He hoped his mumbling wasn't loud enough for the cameras to pick up. This was a private conversation, damn it.

"Simple plan. Find your weapon, ninja the fuck around, kill everybody... shouldn't be too hard, right? Yeah, just... uh... kill everybody. You get one under your belt, that's the hard part. Just like Solid Snake said. First one's the hardest." He was about ninety percent sure that was a Solid Snake quote. The missing ten percent was on account of the Metal Gear Solid games being too boring without infinite ammo. What was the point in a game about killing everybody you saw if you run out of ammo after like, a solid five seconds of shooting at the same two guys wearing camo?

"And then once you get the one, you got no particular qualms 'bout killing again." Jerry's self-assurance rung hollow. That was alright; all he needed was a little boost of confidence, something as a little pick me up. Something like...

His hands closed around something long and hard. Aaaaaaah... perfect. Now, he just needed to be the one sneaking up on people, and NOT be the guy that people snuck up on.

Rattle rattle...

FUCK! Somebody snuck up on him! Jerry craned his neck around faster than that first fucking zombie in Resident Evil to try and spy who was there... and saw Ben Fields, his ol' compadre, his battle partner, his ace in the hole. Maybe that was going too far... but Ben was a solid infielder and, as a first baseman himself, Jerry felt some sort of obligation between himself and Ben. First and third, third and first. Jerry and Ben, Ben and...

Ben and Jerry? Sunuva bitch... he JUST got that.

"Sweet! Peppers!" It was the best thing Jerry could figure out how to say. "They look kinda old but uh... well, I think it's the other way around. Check it out, dude!" Jerry pulled his hand out of his back and pushed off his knees, now in a low squatting position with the handle of a knife in his hands. He pushed on the ol' switch and... whoops. He had his fingers on the wrong side and could feel the back of the blade pushing in. He turned in, biting his lip anxiously... then when he was sure he was set, he pushed the button again to flick the edge of the switchblade out for Ben, and the millions and MILLIONS of fans watching at home, to see.

"Yeeeeeeeeah! Jerry's packin'! Fear me!" The boy pushed to his feet and waved the knife in a faux-threatening manner before lowering his arm. Yeah, this was as normal a situation as ever... just chatting it up while the prospect of one of them being dead very soon, maybe a day later or a week later hung over their heads.
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