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That wasn't too helpful. Michael would have no idea who to keep his eyes out for. Shit, who hung out with Jerry before it all hit the fan? Fuck it, beggars can't be choosers. Right now Jerry was his closest ally, and Michael was Jerry's. For all we know, Jon, Darius, Bradley, and all the other chucklefucks in Michael's buddy group? They could be dead.

No. No they're not. It's too early for that. Nobody would kill just yet.

But someone's going to die before the day's out. Or...

All of us would.

Michael found himself staring out the window. He saw two other buildings across from the one he's in. Turning his head to the left, he saw two large apartment complex looking thingies... At least he was sure they were apartment complexes. Where were they anyways? Michael reached through his bag, pulling out an assortment of items, laying them on the table.

Big ass first aid kit, Danya's survival guide; HAH! Like that desk jockey would know anything about survival... and the map. Skimming over it, he searched for his location.

Well shit. Island's smaller than he thought. Way smaller. He could practically spit on the other side of the bridge. Finding his pals should be easy right? There was the living quarters, which for the most part didn't look too bad. The area they were at was roughly the size of your typical college campus, the buildings were a bit larger, but not too bad. Then, there's the helipad and storeroom, maybe the size of a large Costco?

The hard part was going to be the Asylum. Even if it weren't too large, the interiors would be a fucking labyrinth. And if the asylum was large. Well... It'd be even worse. He had a feeling most of the students would be here. Whether or not it's a good or bad thing is a different story. Hell, Henry could be leading some Wickerman death cult right now; burning Bradley like Nicholas Cage or some crazy shit. Michael shook his head at the thought. He doubted even a single one of his classmates would do something so sadistic, let alone a large group of people falling down that route.

Then Jerry regained his attention with a question. A damn good question at that... Jerry was planning on looting the place. That's something that'll help in the long run for sure, especially if shit goes pear shaped. "Hell yeah, not like anyone else gonna use this shit." Michael grabbed his supplies and put them back in his bag. He kept the map on him however, folding it up and putting it in his jacket pocket.

"Aight Jerry, best thing to get would be bottles, toilet paper, and maybe some backup weapons."
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