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Alright, alright, at least it seemed like this girl wouldn't be a problem for the moment. She showed no signs of panicking or intending to use violence, so that was obviously good. Also, she was totally right, he had to shut his mouth. Had already made far too much noise with trying to calm her down, possibly given away their location. He had to avoid making more mistakes at all costs.

Maxim simply nodded in response, uncertain if she would even see him moving his head. Still, there was no response required from him, seeing as she had asked for him to shut his mouth. He'd be all too glad to follow that order.

Seemed like he was in luck though. This girl seemed to know what she was doing to some degree, not the hysterical type, not the overly fearful either. Rational, level-headed. The kind he would be glad to cooperate with. Granted his initial impression wasn't completely faulty and she'd show her true colors later, but that was just an 'if', and ifs were irrelevant as of now.

Another good question on her part. He shook his head again, but feared she might not have seen it in all the darkness either, so he inched a little closer and whispered to her. "No, I don't. None I can use, at least." Sad, but true. That goddamn bow. He would have preferred something as crude as a screwdriver over that. Still, he would have to be prepared somehow, in case someone with murderous intentions showed up.

"What about you?"
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