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Lily saw Coleen move positions out of the corner of her eye. That was probably a good idea. Hide. Wait. But running? That also seemed a good idea. But what if whatever had caused the screaming was out there?

These logical questions did not manifest in her mind clearly, mostly being replaced by a lot of internal screaming. Running narrowly won out, but the urge to stay still and hide only let her legs move in little, tiny steps towards the door.

Then from a nearby counter island sprang the form of Jasmine Reed. Which immediately toppled onto the floor with an amazing lack of grace.

Lily recognised her instantly, although they were not friends nor had they talked much. She mostly knew Jasmine because she was friends with Caedyn, which was reason enough for Lily to, whenever possible, give the girl a wide berth.

Really, if anyone was going to play the game, it was probably Caedyn. Did that make any friends of Caedyn guilty by association? Though, that wouldn't really excuse Lily herself, seeing as her tastes were warped enough to have once seen Caedyn as attractive and interesting.

Lily backed up a little, gingerly picking up the now bloody mirror shard from the ground, before edging back forward. Just in case. Still, a girl falling on her head the moment she appeared didn't make her seem too dangerous. Yet.

“Jasmine? ...Are you alright?” Lily asked slowly. That was asked less out of genuine concern and more because it seemed the polite thing to do when someone fell down.
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